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Produce Skin Secrets from Your Fridge Shhh Don’t Tell Anyone!

Published : 02/25/2018 10:02:08
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Did you know that fresh fruits, apart from doing wonders for your body as a big part of your diet, also do wonders for your skin when applied directly on it? They’ll leave it feeling fresh, clean and glowing. Best of all? They’re inexpensive, natural and easy to use! After all, your skin is your largest organ and “drinks” what you put on it – especially when it’s good enough to eat. Here are three skin-saving produce recipes. Choose one, mix the ingredients in a blender, and apply the mixture twice weekly to your face for 15 minutes before washing it off.

Avocado and Grape Face Mask: Avocados have a treasure trove of anti-aging properties including vitamins A, D and E, as well as proteins, lecithin, potassium and beta-carotene. Avocadoes are also high in emollient qualities imparted by sterolins, which work to heal sun-damaged skin, scarring and reduce age spots. As for grapes, they help reduce acne and peel off dead skin cells. Grapes are loaded with phytonutrients with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Grape pulp tightens skin and naturally bleaches it.

Apricot and Papaya Face Scrub: Apricots are high in beta-carotene and known for reducing problematic skin issues. A mixture of sub-acids and sugar, apricots are great for gentle exfoliation and nourishment, leaving your skin soft and brighter. For its part, papaya has papain – an enzyme with anti-aging, skin lightening, exfoliation, skin repair and hydrating benefits. Papain reduces wrinkles by modulating the collagen and elastic fibers in the dermis. Use either papaya peel or pulp just beneath the peel because papain enzyme is present here in maximum concentration.

Strawberry and Banana Face Smoothie: Strawberry is rich in antioxidants, flavonoids and salicylic acid, which can prove to be great skin rescuers when used regularly. Strawberries also contain a low level of salicylic acid, which is known to remove dead skin cells and will leave you with radiant skin. And bananas have Vitamin A, C, potassium and manganese, all of which makes them a gentle aid in softening skin and giving it a pinkish glow.

Tips for Applying Your Fruit Facial Mask

  1. Wear an old T-shirt or an apron to prevent the face mask from dripping onto your clothes.

  2. Apply the face masks over your kitchen/bathroom sink to avoid messy drips on the floor.

  3. Gather your hair away from your face into a ponytail to protect it from the sticky face mask.

  4. Excess face mask mixture can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

So while you’re doing your online MyQandC grocery shopping, buy a few more fruits for your face to make your own skincare masks. Oh and don’t be afraid to experiment – just don’t have your face mask on when your husband walks in the door, because he might think he’s in the wrong house!

Got a skincare beauty recipe that calls for fresh fruits? Share it here!

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